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Mark Would like to Welcome his Loyal Clients with the 1st Chapter of his Book for Free!

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To Get Your Free Chapter!

Book Reviews Are IN!

I just finished reading your book – your wonderful book.  I honestly
believe it’s a book every couple should have in their home.  I felt at times as if I was sitting in your office again, a place where I always felt safe and comfortable.  I have to admit there were times when I left your office after a particularly difficult session that I forgot some of the things you told me.  


Now I have a reference book to guide me (us) through those times of turmoil that seem to crop up from time to time.  I plan on reading this masterpiece again, but I’ll do it with a highlighter in my hand! I will be telling friends of your marvelous book and encourage them to purchase a copy as I truly believe everyone can benefit from your words of wisdom.  


Your thoughtful, unselfish work is much appreciated.  And by the way, Apollo 13 is one of my favorite movies, too! Thank you for your wisdom, kindness and friendship.  We will always be indebted to you for what you did for us and our relationship.  Things have never been better!  And, oh, please tell Cindy I loved her introduction.

Most sincerely,
Debbie Metteer




Despite being a published author, I could never write this book
there are just too many nuances in relationships that would bog
me down, and the reader would be lost by page 5. But Mark has a
way of making it simple (not simplistic) and focusing on the crucial
elements in healthy, healing relationships.


I have often wished that I could design and market a relationship app that I could upload into people’s brains that would analyze their relationship problems and apply the right solution. I’d quickly become rich! But no such technological solution exists since, as Mark suggests, the road to a healthier relationship requires an intentionality and navigation that is not programmable. But, we know the basic information that needs to be on that app; it is all right here in Mark’s book, in simple, wise, non-jargony, language, and illustrated with rich life and professional experiences.


I commend the book to you and to your closest relationships. It’s not an app to be quickly downloaded and forgotten about. If people would just implement his strategies for healthy relationships it would quickly put him out of business as a marriage counselor!


Dr. Fred Gingrich
Professor of Counseling
Denver Seminary





Note to Mark Benish about his book:

We (the reader) like you right away

I'd love to hear more about why you made the career change you did. It seems like such a massive choice and obviously relevant to the topic you are writing about (marriage counseling). I think the reader would like to know more. What brought you away from business? What pushed you towards seminary and marriage counseling? You are so open in these pages about your marriage and your own wounds, a bit more discussion on this topic seems relevant. 

Page 9 line 5 : are you missing a “tell”? "He doesn’t ‘tell’ us to separate…"

“Sacrifice, Delight, Healing, Vulnerability and Forgiveness. The idea in this book is to focus on and expand these themes into five intentional practices to love well in marriage." - love it!

Love the idea of “intentional love”

Great visualization with the hooks on the pegboard

“Human beings are too complex for formulas” - love this too

Welcome to my practice. Let’s get you home safely" - This is great.


Reading these pages the reader feels supported and cared for. We begin to like you and trust you. One gets a parental and avuncular feeling. It does feel like we are in your office across from you on the preverbal counseling sofa. It does feel like we are sitting down with you and so we trust you when you say you will get us home safe. "(Obviously, they didn’t do a very good job of it, because look how their kids turned
out.)"  - very funny :)


Really nice work Mark. I appreciate you sharing it with me. I think you will help a great many people with this. 
Good luck!



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