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Love Better Sooner: The Art of Intentional Dating

Mark, Jonathan, and Southeast Counseling center are excited to announce a new support group for adults who want to learn how to date in a new and exciting manner resulting in healthier and safer relationships

Love Better Sooner:
The Art of Intentional Dating

March 27 through May 15
6:30 - 8:30 PM
PACE Center 2000 Pikes Peak Ave, Parker, CO 80138


$299.00 per participant

*$499 for two. Bring a friend and you each save $50

Register at 


Or contact Mark for more information:

With the expertise and commitment of Mark Benish, MA, author of Love Better Sooner: Learning the Art of Intentional Love, and Jonathan Carr, LPCC, we come together to discuss who we are in relationships, how to navigate conflict and healthy boundaries, and what to pursue in dating to have safer and healthier relationships among other topics.


Join us for 8 weeks of learning, growing, and embracing change.

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