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Counseling Testimonials

Dear Brother in Christ,

I am writing to share with you my experience working with Mark Benish, M.A. I came to Mark during one of my darkest stages of my life. The life I had been blessed seem to be crumbling beneath my feet. My wife and I were separated and headed full-steam toward a divorce. My Two children aged four and six, we're devastated as everything that they knew and trusted was coming apart. My counselor and friend Mark was a stabilizing force- a solid rock in a place where I felt I had lost all footing. A lot of what was happening was my fault, my doing, and my mess Mark was able to get me to refocus and like a skilled practitioner direct my thinking back to constructive, forward progress. After a couple of sessions I began to look forward to seeing Mark, knowing he'd be able to redirect my thoughts from the negativity that seem to haunt me back to the real positives that did exist. He asked me to think about things, not providing me the answers but guiding my thoughts and actions. Although it took several months eventually my wife opened up to talking with me, and when she did she realize that I was a changed person.I owe Mark a lot of credit for helping me to become a better man and preparing me for that day. I'm forever changed. I believe God has equipped Mark with special talents. Mark has taken these skills and I sharpened them to know when to apply them and how. He is a true professional.


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