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Testimonials are In for Love Better Sooner!

Special Announcement: In my 20 years of writing my Tuesday Tip articles, I have quoted hundreds of books and various authors. But I have never told you to buy someone else’s book. Today I am making an exception.

I recently read a book on what it takes to dramatically improve the communication in your marriage or with your significant other. Mark Benish’s book on Love Better Sooner: Learning the Art of Intentional Love is the most genuine, transparent, gut honest, practical how-to book on relational communication that I’ve ever come across.

I would strongly encourage you to get a copy and apply Mark’s techniques to your relationship. It may very well be the best investment you ever make. Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Can't- put- it -down! The perfect Saturday morning read some coffee, a blanket, and a roaring fire along with intelligent words, stories advice and tools from Mark Benish publisher author. Love Better Sooner Learning the Art of Intentional Love." Get it on Amazon


Just Finished reading "Love Better Sooner". It is the first marriage book I have read where I don't feel attacked. It is insightful in regards to what we bring into our marriage and even our relationships. It also gives you practical tools and examples of how to love better sooner. It is not only applicable in marriage but in relationships. The author is vulnerable and allows you to feel we are in it together. Great Christmas gift!


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